Hi y’all! Welcome to Diary of a Blonde Mom! It’s been awhile since my first blog https://babystantonmakes3.blogspot.com and a lot has changed. That being said, I decided a new blog was in order! I’m a wife and a mom to two amazing little girls. Along our journey I’ve learned it’s much easier to not plan – it’s all about expectation management as friends of mine once said. I have so much to share about parenting, parenting a child with cerebral palsy (more on this at https://babystantonmakes3.blogspot.com ), being a stay at home mom, arts and crafts, and much more :). So glad you’re here with me!


Little Miss Independent

Morning everyone! Just wanted to share a little silliness out of our day. Took Chloe to school and Sydney did not want to leave. As in threw herself on the floor and was convinced she was going to stay and play with the big kids. So I gave her a choice: she can walk out on her own or I can carry her. Which did she choose? She chose to crawl. Yep, crawl on her hands and knees on the cement out to the sidewalk 🤦‍♀️. I love how she will do things on her terms. She’s still getting the job done so I honestly don’t care how she does it!



Yesterday I grabbed Chloe’s pillow and sleeping bag and got her all cozy on the carpet while I was working out. Next thing I know Sydney has disappeared into her bedroom and when I popped my head in her room I see she’s climbing out of her bed holding on tight to her pillow and blanket. Fast forward to this morning and Sydney’s blanket and pillow are already out and she grabs my hand and pulls me into Chloe’s room next to her bed letting me know I need to bring Chloe’s pillow and sleeping bag back into the living room. Of course the moment below was only a moment and passed all too quickly but I love that they want to be near one another.


Furniture redo!

We bought our coffee table off Craigslist years and years ago. It’s served its purpose but I was ready for a change. I got out the electric sander, paint, and stain and did a little update. The coffee table went from an orangey icky blob to this magical piece.

First I had to sand it all down to the wood. Geez that took a lot longer than I’d thought (about 3 nights after the kids were down for bed plus 2 if Sydney’s nap times). Next I painted the legs and sides black. I think I did 3 coats. Finally I stained the top with an American walnut stain and added a couple thin coats of polyethylene to finish it.

Here’s what the progress looked like in pics yes, below you will see there’s a measly piece of sandpaper. That’s because the sand paper stopped sticking to the sander so I did the rest by hand. lessons learned: I despise sanding even more now. Probably should’ve spent more time at the end using a finer grit sand paper for longer as the table isn’t quite as silky smooth as I thought it was.

And I’m publishing this at 4 am because my littlest monster has driven me crazy trying to sleep keep me awake by climbing over and kicking me in my bed so I’ve decided she needs to stay in her own bed. All. Night. Because I’m done. I’m on the tenth time so far of her coming back in our room with a variety of throwing books/ dolls in the process. 🤦‍♀️. Lord please help me get some sleep!



Going on a walk alone with the girls used to be really overwhelming. I think that’s dialed down quite a bit since Sydney now follows directions (mostly). We start with me holding onto Chloe’s walker for safety and pulling Sydney in her horse and carriage. That is, until Sydney decides its time to get out as she slowly begins to slide her feet and legs out of the carriage. Thankfully she is still waiting for me to stop the carriage before making a run for it getting out. Then Sydney decides to be the big, strong girl she is and pulls her own horse. AMAZING! The only part that scares me is when she decides to pull the pony while walking backwards (towards the curb) of the time Chloe walked into the back of the carriage causing it to pitch forward knocking Sydney down (insert face palm emoji here). At least Chloe thought it was funny. Just another day in the life!

On another note, this week we are starting to checkout potential kinder placements for Chloe! When did the last 4.5 Years go? How is she nearly 5?!?! And….when did I become old enough to have a 5 year old?!?!


Sea World

Went to Sea World recently. I think its safe to say the girls had a great time. Chloe especially loved the sky tower and said her favorite part was the sharks that swam over us. Sydney was too cute going up to tanks, pointing, and saying “Wowww!” Over and over and over again!


First tooth

Chloe LOST her first tooth. As in it fell out and we can’t find it! Haha! She was a super early teether (first tooth at three months old) but I didn’t expect her to lose her tooth so soon! I was brushing her teeth and she gave a different type of cry/protest and I noticed blood (only a little) so I looked in her mouth and there was a missing tooth!

We were getting out of the car when I took these pics. I didn’t want to forget to get a toothless picture. And of course the tooth fairy came!

I was in the tooth fairy was in such a rush and so excited that her sewing skills were lacking. Nothing was straight. It’s ok. Chloe loved it. Even told her teachers at school “get money”. The tooth fairy brought her a dollar that she chose to save. Chloe is just the sweetest.

arts and crafts

Scrap Fabric Table Runner

Over a nap time and an evening or two after the kids went down I sewed a table runner. Go me! Hahaha.

I made it out of some scrap fabric from other projects and the red that borders it was given to me and I’ve been sitting on for awhile. I just love the way it came out!

I just kinda eyeballed it and only measured the squares. This could easily be made out of some coordinating fabric!

Quick tutorial and feel free to ask questions!

Step 1: find coordinating fabric. I used four different colors for the squares then a fifth fabric for the backside/border.

Step 2: cut 16, 6 inch squares.

Step 3: play with placement and sew into strips.

Step 4: (first pic below)center the squares you sewed together on the backing. The backing should be wrong side up.

(Second picture below): I folded the edges in about 1/4 inch and sewed that down then folded that under so the stitching wouldn’t show. I then took the folded edge and overlapped it onto the side of the squares by approximately 1/4 inch. The corners were tricky. I folded the corner of the red to the corner of the squares then folded the sides down. There’s a picture below that demonstrates. After I had it all folded I just sewed it down.

And ta da! The finished product:

I know I know, I should’ve measured and pinned but this was a throw it together on a whim kind of a project for me 🙂 you never know what you’re capable of accomplishing if you never try. I didn’t have a pattern or anything either so it was all just a random guessing game of lining everything up. What are your favorite things to sew? What do you do with your scraps?


Mommy time…

Sometimes (cough cough-like the first time since middle school), I go to an archery range. And it was perfect.

Truth is I was given a bow for Christmas and had an hour and a half to myself. This means my hubby let me go on an outing on my own!!! I asked him to watch the kids and he didn’t even hesitate to tell me to go for it! He’s pretty amazing. I’m just glad there was finally an opportunity to go! I practiced on the 20 yard target. I’m a rookie.

I still need to adjust the sights on my bow. At least the arrows are semi clumped/consistent. Only two went rogue haha. Apparently they had a mind of their own.

Being the rookie that I am my forearm is a little scraped up. I have an arm guard but needed to figure out correct placement again and I made the mistake of not strapping it on tight enough.


So. Much. Fun.

What are your hobbies?

Moms: what do you do for yourself?


Living for these moments

Fell asleep after the excitement of the morning.

playing peek a boo. This is actually really big for Chloe because she usually panics when anything is near her face. Chloe was having so much fun playing with her sister. Out searching for puddles. She’s such a sweet and determined girl. I hope she never loses that fire.

Sydney loves taking her kitty, baby, and balls down the slow with her. There’s nearly always something in her hands.


Are you ready for this…?!?

A very sassy spunky girl is trying out power mobility! Her therapist keeps telling me how great Chloe’s doing! This video is only the second time Chloe has been in the power chair! This is purely a trial. If Chloe can prove she can navigate the power chair within specific guidelines then her chair will be different and provide her the other supports she needs. Oh and pay no attention to the commentary…I was also herding watching Sydney to make sure she didn’t get run over by this new driver haha

there are so many things that go into learning to drive a power chair. Not only learning to control and navigate the switches but also things like the feeling of moving and learning about where she is moving relative to the space around her.

Still figuring out the right placements for her to access the head switch controls and looking forward to progress! Gooo Chloe!!!!